Sunday, August 31, 2008

Recap: 5 Year Anniversary | Blue Wave

Headed into the Blue Wave (343 Congress St, Harbor side) around 10:30 p.m. y'all know how I don't do lines - and was pleased to find that the cover charge had remained at $20. I of course headed straight for the bar and asked for a STRONG but good drink. I tried to order the Nirvana, but my bartender Amanda let me know that it wasn't very good, and tried to twist it up with another type of vodka and let me try it. Yuck! I then asked for my staple - hey I tried to be different, but sometimes you just gotta stick with you know. They didn't charge me for the first drink, thanks guys! It was only $8 which is one of the cheapest strongest drinks I've rec'd.

Your girl BostonFab!

Flying solo I kept myself perched at the bar to do some people watching. Rob of R.O.B. - I still can't get over that - came and chit-chatted with me for a bit which is a rare (okay has never happened) occurrence. He's actually a pretty nice guy :) (All I want is one gene from your family - just one!!!) - Anyways he has a party concept that I think is going to be great! But...since I know promoters read this - I won't blow up his spot. As soon as it gets off the ground I will def. let y'all know. Don't forget where you (kinda) heard it first!

BostonFab! and promoter Rob of R.O.B.

Although they were celebrating the 5 Year Anniversary of Soulful Saturdays, this was actually my first time to the Blue Wave on a Saturday. The crowd was slightly international, and more of the seasoned and sophisticated crowd. I would say the age range averaged around late 20's to early 30's. DJ Che Boogie stared us off with the old skool R&B which got everyone into a chill and relaxed vibe.

I'm tellin' ya ladies - if you decide to go solo sit at the bar and be genuinely friendly and you'll meet lots of cool people. I even met the infamous Larry of Trillium Salon (49 Gloucester St, Boston) who actually does do great work. Check out the hair of the Asian bartender with the crop cut...nice...

Finally people started kinda dancing around 12 a.m. Though most were content to circulate the room, by chatting with one another rather than dancing. It seemed like the majority of people there were regulars and knew each other.

The crowd socializing

Camp Lo got on the mike around 1 a.m. and did his hit "Luchini" (AKA: This is it) and that was it. His set was madd short! And I didn't hear a formal announcement. It could of happened while I was in the restroom or something...but still one song? After his performance DJ Massive got on the tables and hit us with a bit more upbeat music, but still grown. None of that Soulja Boy and Lil' Bow Wow for this crowd.

Camp Lo

Towards the end of the night I decided to mingle a bit more and met Betty a Fab! Fan - (Thanks for reading!!) and a family member of partial owner - I'll call him Mr. Incognito. - who she introduced me to. Thanks for taking the time for a photo op.

BostonFab! and Mr. Incognito

BostonFab! and a Fab! Fan!

This was a cool night to see new faces and meet new people I give it a solid B.