Sunday, November 30, 2008

Recap: Chip Greenridge and Edo.G Birthday Party

After a lovely veggie thanksgiving (everything but the turkey) I decided to work off them sides chillin' with one of my favorite people, Chip Greenridge and his pal Edo.G. I showed up around 11:30 and the party was still getting going although the music was great with DJ Moedee showing off his old skool skillz.

I got myself a drink at the bar and have moved onto the $9 Long Island Ice teas. They pack a punch and you're good for the night. You gotta save where you can. Recession Approved ;)

Z Square staple EDGARD kindly corrected me that his name is Edgard - w/ a D at the end not Edgar. I have been duly corrected! So sawy man you know I you! He is the night event coordinator at Z Square - I'm sure I got the title wrong, but basically if you want to get an event planned in the evening at Z Square, Edgard is your man!!

I only caught the birthday boy for a glimps so no photo op this time, but he seemed to be enjoyng himself.

My wonderfully Fab! friend Jax showed up and after making some new friends who also knew NYFab!! (Yes, we are an Empire) we proceeded to tear up the dance floor.

BostonFab! and Fab! Empire Fan! :)

Fab! Friend Jax and BostonFab!

DJ Moedee and Bruno were all about those old skool beats, heavy on the reggae and a splash of new hits. But I think every other second I was like - Ooooh! Yesss! That's my jam!

The crowd was a-okay a lil' a-round-the-way and by that I mean a lot of people from out of town, grew up in Boston and home for the holidays. Perfect time to wil' out and not have anybody ask you any questions next weekend...not that I would do anything like that...:)