Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday Night Recap : Sammy's B-day and DJ QuestLove

So after a lil' bit of a respite your girl emerged back on the scene to celebrate the birth of Sammy aka "Mr. West". I arrived early and there was some what of a crowd. The thing about Sammy's Thursday nights is that it is crazy mixed. You got professionals, college kids, over 40+ a serious hodgepodge. I left the party around 11:30 and it was getting filled, but wasn't packed. I saw a few tall people, but none of the start studdedness that I was expecting, but again I was there early and left early.

Next stop I had a last minute revelation that DJ QuestLove of The Roots was in town and this was a not-to-miss event at Vinalia. I was a little upset I had decided on wearing a nice outfit 'cuz I really could have been going bananas!

I'll say my thoughts on the venue first. I have only seen Vinalia as a restaurant, but as a club I think it works well for the masses, but if you're trying to do VIP and tables, it may prove to be problematic unless they're kept in the separate back room. The staff...eeeh a little snotty, kinda rubbed me in the wrong way a lot. The bartenders were not the most helpful and did prove that they will ignore you even though the place was not packed at all. I guess they aren't trying to make money. It's intimate, but not too too small. My impression is that it's an okay venue, maybe more suited for a cocktail hour than a get down and dirty type thing, but no huge complaints.

The crowd was a bit frightful...not due entirely to their Halloween outfits. I was somewhat taken aback by the rocker attitudes of most, though there were a few Nubian's swayin' to the beat off off to the side.

The crowd

His set was in a word - amazing! He has such an artful way with his transitions. The theme for the night was definitely horns and drums and heavy on the reggae. He stuck mostly with the classics, but faked us out a few times thinking he was playing the most recent sampled versions. The man most assuredly knows his music.

My heart pulsated at an frantic pace as he switched it up with almost flawless precision, songs that you didn't think you even liked - like Roxanne, suddenly you got caught up in the beat and just let go.

To wrap up this amazing night he played this reggae song "Barack Obama" OMG! I love the fact that he doesn't say anything the entire night...but rather let's the music speak on and on and on.

He is certainly one of my fave, if not my fav DJ's of all time.

DJ Questlove

If you love Hip Hop music - Do not miss the next QuestLove show!

*Side Note: I saw promoters Rob and MJ scouting the building with an official type owner person, could there be a party in the works?? I'm just saying...this is where you heard it first - well kinda! :)

Stay Fab! :)