Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mini-Recap : S.U.E.D.E | Vintage Lounge

On Friday The Ladies of S.U.E.D.E. hosted their Part 2 of the Fall Line at Vintage (72 Broad Street) to celebrate member Caselle's birthday.

There were a couple of things that were strange right off the bat as I entered this party. I showed up around 12 a.m. and the place was hardly full, but there was a line. At points they didn't have the back room open, not sure why, although by the lack of people it was probably a good move. There was no coat check, though the staff was friendly. The bar line was ridiculous and the bartenders had difficulty keeping up.

The beautiful people did show out in their suits and party dresses and signature funk here!! :) But the crowd size was minimal throughout the night. And only a few die hards really got into the mix.

DJ Drama was spinning was much more upbeat than the last party, but the vibe was still missing something. To try and gain some perspective I asked some non-dancing patrons what they thought of the party. Quotes are paraphrased.

Source A: (1 a.m.) "I'm ready to go and have been for a while. This wasn't advertised well."
Source B: "I really feel like I'm at a high school party. If I had to give this party a grade I would give it a C."


Another fo pa' was towards the end of the night I saw promoters MJ and R.O.B. stopped by to pay their respects and were denied at the door. Not a good look!

The dismal crowd could have been due to the holiday weekend and lack of advertising. Also putting a price of a party so high $15 the same weekend as blow out bashes on Sunday put them at a disadvantage to lesser priced venues like 360 just up the street. I also got a few inquiries about the name - "The Fall Line" - people were unsure if this was a fashion show or a party. As usual I gots to keep it real and stick with my Source 2's recommendation to put this party at a C.

Sorry ladies!!