Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Recap: Boston Public Library’s Fashion Week Film Series: Chanel, Chanel

Fabulously Submitted by BostonFab! Correspondent Chanelle

When I found out that the Boston Public Library (700 Boylston St, Downtown) was hosting a free screening of the film, Chanel, Chanel (1986), for Boston Fashion Week, I couldn’t resist heading down to the Copley Branch to learn about the life and times of the woman whose eponymous perfume had served as inspiration for my very own name.

As I made my way into the Raab Lecture Hall, I found myself in a room closely resembling those that I had sat in numerous times, during my college days. However, after taking stock of the other attendees, I realized that I wasn’t on campus anymore, as the majority of the audience resembled the 40+ crowd. Luckily, I wasn’t the youngest in attendance, as I did spy a few other twenty-somethings filing into the auditorium.

Be it the infamous Chanel suit, the elaborate costume jewelry, the scent that has stood the hands of time, or the quilted handbag that many covet, Coco Chanel’s influence on the world of fashion is undeniable. Yet, Chanel, Chanel introduced me to the woman behind one of the most famous fashion houses of all time. Gabrielle (Coco) Chanel, a product of humble beginnings, in the south of France, was a feisty, outspoken woman who believed that “fashion passes, style remains.” Who would have thought that a young girl, who learnt to sew in an orphanage, would one day be described as a “symbol for an entire period”? For, even today, Chanel maintains a significant presence in fashion , from the runways of fashion weeks to the closets of woman everywhere.

The Boston Public Library has featured screening s of select fashion films on Mondays at 6pm, throughout the month of September. The remaining films are Funny Face (1957), on September 22nd, and Ready To Wear (1994), on September 29th. Check ‘em out and take a moment to celebrate fashion at its best!

Stay tuned for more coverage of Boston Fashion Week!!

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