Monday, August 25, 2008

8.28 Obama "20 Something Bash" | District

Join J. Francois, K.Pritty, Kyle Mosley and Noah Shaw for Boston's Official "20 Something's" Obama Bash benefiting the Obama Victory Fund at District Lounge (175 Lincoln St, South Station)

The idea: Twenty something's giving (AT LEAST) twenty something :)

Space is limited!!

A minimum donation of $20 is MANDATORY
There will be live video feed of Obama accepting the Presidential nomination at the DNC! And at speech by newly appointed Massachusetts Campagin Director Roger Fisk!
To purchase advanced tickets click here!! This event is from 5 p.m. - 10 p.m. Afterwards the party continues with the regularly scheduled Socialite Thursdays with live jazz.

*Side Note: THIS IS AN OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN FUNDRAISER!! ALL proceeds will go directly to the Obama Campaign!! Don't forget to print your receipt for confirmation as this will be your ticket for admission.

Got Questions? Click here!! or call 617-447-9219

PS: You've been going for weeks on end without paying a give to the cause! It's still recession friendly - you can claim it on your taxes! :)

Stay Fab! :)