Thursday, July 24, 2008

This Weekend Is Gonna Be Bananas!!

Okay so there is just WAAAAAYYYY too much stuff going on this weekend!!

I've posted the detailed descriptions below, so keep on scrollin'! But here's a short list of what's going down - in no particular order.
There's probably more to come, but this will give you running start.

  1. Get Fresh Friday's has a new host at 360
  2. The Red Code Affair is going down at OM
  1. Rock the Bells at Comcast Center, Mansfield
  2. Mood Mosaic at Stix, featuring electronic and international music
  3. Be a Devil or an Angel in Dedham
  4. Rock the Bells After-party at Johnnie's on the Side with Kid Capri
  5. NAS is in the building at Blue Wave to introduce his new album
  6. And if you just want to lounge you can do it at NEWS
  1. Playboy Models and Corona are at Red Sky Lounge for the final rivalry game

Don't forget to tell 'em you saw it on The Fab! :)